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Free Downloads

Download a fully-functional installation of Enterprise Architect visual modeling platform and evaluate all features in detail for 30 days, with no registration or credit card required.

Installing Enterprise Architect Under Linux or MacOS? - view our Help Guide and Video

Already a Licensed User? Access the latest version of Enterprise Architect via the Registered Users Area using your username and password.

Pro Cloud Server

Latest Version: 5.0 Build 105, 09-Jun-2022

Trial hosting your Enterprise Architect cloud-based repositories via The Pro Cloud Server.

Access a wider range of integrations, share read-only diagrams via browser with WebEA, manage floating licenses using the Floating Licence Server and offer tailored views of model data via Sparx Systems Prolaborate.

Already a Licensed 神经网络交易系统ea下载 User? Access the latest version of PCS via the Registered Users Area using your username and password.


Latest Version: 11-Feb-2022

Register for 神经网络交易系统ea下载 a free trial of Sparx Systems Prolaborate - the sharing and collaboration software for Enterprise Architect.

Offer tailored views that reduce complexity, focus attention and increase the accessibility of model information for the non-modeling community.

Already a Licensed User? Access the latest version of Prolaborate via the Registered 神经网络交易系统ea下载 Users Area using your username and password.

Additional Resources


Enterprise Architect Help 神经网络交易系统ea下载 and Support

The Enterprise Architect User Guide is your go-to source of knowledge about Enterprise Architect, with over one thousand help pages created to date, covering a vast range of usage scenarios, roles and modeling domains.

The User Guide Library collates and publishes User Guide topics around a particular subject or theme in PDF format, so readers can learn all there is to know about a key technique or discipline.

Local User Guide ( msi, 113 MB )

Enterprise Architect Viewer

Version 14.1 Build 1429 42 MB

Enterprise Architect 神经网络交易系统ea下载 Lite is a free viewer version of Enterprise Architect, providing read-only access to models information. Available for staff, stakeholders, customers or anyone benefiting from 神经网络交易系统ea下载 read-only access to the model.

It supports all viewing functions, however document generation and model editing abilities have been disabled.

Shared (DBMS) Model Repositories

For organizations anticipating large shared repositories, trial Enterprise Architect using a DBMS model repository. Depending in your preferred DBMS, you can download and run your preferred DBMS script from DBMS Based Repositories.

To use a DBMS repository you need to create a database and the Enterprise Architect schema (consisting of a collection of tables).

Image Library

Release Date: 27-July-2017, File Size: 4.7 MB

Use custom images to create attractive diagrams and convey meaning. Sparx Systems offers a free Image Library that can save many hours of searching for just the right image.


User (Role-Based) Security

User Security is a 神经网络交易系统ea下载 feature of the Corporate and above editions of Enterprise Architect.

To enable 神经网络交易系统ea下载 and evaluate the role-based security functionality of your trial edition, you will require the following key:

To enable role-based security for your registered copy of Enterprise Architect, obtain the necessary key from the Registered Users Download page.

Language Dictionaries

Download additional language dictionaries from the registered page of the 神经网络交易系统ea下载 Sparx Systems website.

Languages include Brazilian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (Continental), German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish

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我们通常用 wget 或 curl 下载文件,然而由于NCBI和EBI网站都在国外,有时候下载速度非常慢,如果文件特别大,就可能非常难受甚至是不可能完全的任务了,这时可用aspera进行高速下载。


首先进入aspera官方网站,找到「IBM Aspera Connect」,进入下载页面,找到对应的版本与平台,这里以Linux平台最新的3.10.0版本为例进行介绍。


1. NCBI数据下载



先将要下载的文件的路径放入一个文件 file.lst 中,比如

-i 免密从NCBI或EBI下载的私钥,安装完成就有,位于 ~/.aspera/connect/etc/asperaweb_id_dsa.openssh
-l 最大下载速度,如100M
-k 断点续传,通常设为1
-T 无需加密传输
--host 服务器域名,NCBI为 http:// ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov ,EBI下载千人基因组为 http:// fasp.1000genomes.ebi.ac.uk
-P 用于SSH认证的TCP商品,一般是33001
--user 用户名,NCBI为anonftp,EBI下载千人基因组为g1k
--mode 传输模式,上传为send,下载为recv