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Very bad experience with Olymp trade. Worst ever platform I ce across. They have blocked my account after successful verification also. And after 50 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? mails also, their reply is same , we are working on this. No improvement,bad customer care service. Do not install this app. Not recommended at all.

Reply from Olymp Trade

Greetings, Arun Bhat.

It is a pity that you made such a conclusion but thank you for writing to us. Regarding your conclusion, Olymp Trade is a regulated and trustworthy company. We are strictly under the observation of our regulator - Finacom. That means Olymp Trade needs to comply with rules and regulations. These rules are stated in the Service Agreement, which you have agreed to before registering the Olymp Trade account. Any actions of failing to follow the rules could lead us to lose our certification. That’s why it is important for us to comply.

Regarding your blocked account, here is a thing that you can do. If you do not agree with the company’s decision, you can file a 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? complaint via [email protected] You can include your ID account and the details of your case. They will review your case thoroughly and make the final decision.

How To Use The RSI Indicator Trading Strategies In Olymp Trade

How To Use The RSI Indicator Trading Strategies In Olymp Trade

In the previous post, I have shown you how to effectively trade Fixed Time using signals of the RSI divergence . In today’s article, I will bring you one last piece of the puzzle to make this strategy the most effective. It is the 50 median line of the RSI indicator and how to use it in Olymp Trade.

50 line – the precise trend confirmation signal of RSI

For the majority of traders, when using RSI, they are only interested in the 30 (oversold) and 70 (overbought) lines only. Few people know that the median 50 of the RSI is of great significance in determining the price trend of the market. Take a look at the image below so you can see this.

50 line – the precise trend confirmation signal of RSI

As you can see: When the price is in a downtrend, the RSI fluctuates around 30-50 lines. Conversely, when the price increases, the RSI is within the 50-70 lines. That is to say, the 50 line is the RSI dividing line, warning which trend the market is in. This is shown clearly when the RSI crosses the 50 line, the 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? price has a trend reversal.

And this is the perfect piece for you to get the most accurate transactions with RSI.

How to use RSI indicator trading strategies in Olymp Trade

If you are not sure how to trade Olymp Trade using the divergence of RSI indicator, you can review it here:

Combined with the 50 line signal, we will have a complete trading strategy as follows.

Open an UP order when the following signals appear in turn

Open a DOWN order when the 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? following signals appear in turn

*Notes: Open an order as soon as the confirmation candle completes.

Some typical examples

In this section, I will talk about 2 examples that demonstrate why the 50 line is so special in this trading strategy. Let’s see the examples one by one.

Example 1: The price has broken out of the resistance but RSI has not completely crossed the 50 line. This is an incorrect signal for you to open an UP order.

Example 1

Example 2: RSI has crossed the 50 line but the price has not yet surpassed the resistance. This is also an incorrect signal for you to open orders.

Example 2

In the two examples above, it can be seen that the 50 line helps to early identify an incorrect signal to avoid placing wrong orders. Very effective, isn’t it?


In Olymp Trade, the RSI indicator is one of the best tools that you can apply in trading. The signals it gives always have certain meanings to help you recognize something. The important thing is to know how to combine them, giving an objective 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? signal about the market. From there, your judgment will be more confident than ever. The article should end here. Goodbye and see you again.

How to Withdraw Money From Olymp Trade?

The funds withdrawal rate has increased tenfold since the company was founded. Today, more than 90% of requests are processed during one trading day.

However, traders often have questions about the funds withdrawal process: which payment systems are available in their region or how they can speed up the withdrawal.

For this article, we collected the most frequently asked questions.

What Payment Methods Can I Use?

There is a unique list of payment and withdrawal methods available for every country. They can be grouped into:

  1. Bank cards.
  2. Digital wallets (Neteller, 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? Skrill, etc.).
  3. Payment invoice generation in banks or special kiosks.
  4. Local banks (bank transfers).
  5. Cryptocurrencies.

For example, you can deposit and withdraw your funds from Olymp Trade in India using Visa/Mastercard bank cards or by creating a virtual 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? card in the AstroPay system, as well as using e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, WebMoney, FasaPay, GlobePay. Bitcoin transactions are also good to go.

Select a payment method – Official Olymp Trade Blog

Which Payment Methods Should I 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? Use?我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade?

You can find the recommended methods in the Recommended section. In India, we recommend Olymp Trade customers use Visa and Mastercard bank cards, and also Skrill 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? and 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? Neteller e-wallets.

Pay your special attention to Skrill and Neteller as in these digital payment systems the process of funds withdrawal is carried out as quickly as possible.

Does Olymp Trade Charge for Funds Withdrawal?

If your broker ever charged 我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? you $50 for funds withdrawal, that was definitely not Olymp Trade. On the contrary, we use own funds to cover the commission amount.

However, note that some payment systems do charge their customers for depositing or withdrawing money. We recommend checking with your financial services provider in advance.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw My Funds?

As mentioned above, we do our best to process your request in 24 hours. In most cases, funds are credited promptly after we have transferred them to your payment system.

However, in case of emergency, the process of money withdrawal can last up to 5 days. It only happened a few times over the past year.

Why Bonuses Cannot Be Withdrawn?

Bonuses are the company funds, which traders can use over a limited time period. The bonuses are canceled after you make a withdrawal request so they cannot be withdrawn.

Can I Withdraw My Profit Made with Risk-free?

Risk-free trades is a special service for the company’s Expert traders. They protect the Fixed Time trade amount from loss. Having activated a risk-free trade, a trader uses its amount to open a trade and makes a forecast.

If the trader’s forecast is wrong, they receive the money back. If the forecast is correct, the profit can be withdrawn right after receiving.

By the way, risk-free trades are not the only privilege of having an Expert account on Olymp Trade.

Is There a Way to Quicken the Funds Withdrawal?

There are only three ways to withdraw funds from Olymp Trade faster:

Olymp Trade提现

如何在 Olymp Trade 中取款和存款


它将带您进入 Olymp Trade 网站上的一个特殊部分。


选择金额。 最低提款金额为 10 美元/10 欧元/50 雷亚尔,但可能因不同的支付系统而异。 点击“发送请求”。






它将带您进入 Olymp Trade 网站上的一个特殊部分。

在“可提款”我如何賺錢 Olymp Trade? 块中,您将找到有关您可以提款多少的信息。

选择金额。 最低提款金额为 10 美元/10 欧元/50 雷亚尔,但可能因不同的支付系统而异。 点击“发送请求”。


常见问题 (FAQ)






您的提款请求由平台和您的银行或支付系统处理。 由于链中交易对手的增加,完成请求需要更多时间。 此外,每个支付系统都有自己的提款处理周期。

平均而言,资金会在 2 个工作日内记入银行卡。 但是,一些银行可能需要长达 30 天的时间才能转移资金。

如何将资金提取到 2 种付款方式

例如,一位交易员使用银行卡在他们的账户中存入了 40 美元。 后来,交易者使用 Neteller 电子钱包存入了 100 美元。 之后,他或她将账户余额增加到 300 美元。 这是如何提取存入的 140 美元: 应将 40 美元存入银行卡 应将 100 美元存入 Neteller 电子钱包 请注意,此规则仅适用于已存入的资金金额。 利润可以无限制地提取到任何付款方式。


如何在 Olymp Trade 中存钱


  • 银行卡。
  • 数字钱包(Neteller、Skrill 等)。
  • 在银行或特殊信息亭生成付款发票。
  • 当地银行(银行转账)。
  • 加密货币。

例如,您可以使用 Visa/Mastercard 银行卡或通过在 AstroPay 系统中创建虚拟卡以及使用 Neteller、Skrill、WebMoney、GlobePay 等电子钱包在印度的 Olymp Trade 存入和提取您的资金。 比特币交易也很顺利。





选择一种付款方式并输入您的存款金额。 最低存款金额仅为 10 美元/10 欧元。 但是,不同国家/地区可能会有所不同。




点击“支付. ”蓝色按钮。




选择一种付款方式并输入您的存款金额。 最低存款金额仅为 10 美元/10 欧元。 但是,不同国家/地区可能会有所不同。




点击“支付. ”。



常见问题 (FAQ)


资金通常会很快存入交易账户,但有时可能需要 2 到 5 个工作日(取决于您的支付提供商)。

如果在您入金后资金没有立即存入您的账户,请等待 1小时。 如果 1 小时后仍然没有钱,请等待并再次检查。



如果客户没有在真实账户中进行交易或/并且没有存入/提取资金,则每月将向其账户收取 10 美元(十美元或等值的账户货币)费用。 此规则载于非交易法规和 KYC/AML 政策中。