趋势线(Trend Line)

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趋势线(Trend Line)

Index to the success of the fan-run trend line will make more than 4 fan-shaped trend line 5 to set up.


Each end 趋势线(Trend Line) point of an imaginary linear regression trend line makes up a path for this curve. All these imaginary trend lines are placed at nearest distance to the closing prices through 'least squares' method applied to the input set bars.


A move to the right of the parabolic trend line is an exit signal.


Analysis of the feature and geometry of the normal compaction trend is used to establish the compaction trend with polynomial of degree 2 or 3 or polygonal line, and to predict the distribution of geopressure using the method of seismic transit time deviation -pore pressure gradient in Yinggehai bas.


Unlike Fibonacci Retracement, this instrument is built not on the only one trend line, but on two waves.


If you have pyramided until you h ave 25,000 bushels, then you should have an order in to sell 30,000 bushels on stop, which would put you short 5,000 bushels to start a new deal.


We identify downtrends by drawing trendlines across the peaks of rallies.


Draw downtrendlines across the tops to mark downtrends.


To show the 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) trend line equation, select the trend line in the chart, right-click to open 趋势线(Trend Line) the context menu, and choose Insert Trend Line Equation .


I give a tip that you should not use the moving average line to conclude A-share market trend, for date line is fragile, and market trend line is for you to judge.


Trend 趋势 | Trend Analyses 趋势分析 | Trend Line 趋势线

趋势线(TREND LINE)是图形分析上最基本的技巧,趋势线是在图形上每一个波浪顶部最高点间,或每一谷底最低点间的直切线. 当一条趋势线在时间上涵盖数月之久,可称之为"主要趋势线"或"长期趋势线". 较短的趋势线则称之为"次要趋势线"或"短期趋势线".

compaction trend line:压实趋势线

compaction theory 压实原理 | compaction trend line 压实趋势线 | compaction 压实

reference trend line:基准趋势线

reference time 基准时间 | reference trend line 基准趋势线 | reference velocity 参考 速度

Semi-average trend line:半平均数趋势线

半平均数法 semi-average method | 半平均数趋势线 semi-average trend line | 半闭合 semi-closure

equivalent trend line:当量趋势线

equivalent time horizon 等时面 | equivalent trend line 当量趋势线 | equivalent value 当量值

linear trend surface 一次趋势面 | linear trend 线性趋势线 | linear trim 线性调整

下降趋势线,Down trendline, | 下降趋势,Downtrends | 大户保值商,Lage--hedgers categgry

随机行走理论,Random Walk Theorv | 趋势反转,Trend reversals | 趋势线,Trendlines

有人尝试以"需求指数"(DEMAND INDEX)来代替收盘价. "趋势线(Trend Line) 需求指数"即将最高价、最低价与收盘价三个价位加以平均. 这种补救方式亦可用至移动平均线、MACD等计算. 趋势线在性质上又可分为"支撑线"(Support Line)及"阻力线"(Resistance Line).

trendline 在中文中

en 趋势线(Trend Line) 趋势线(Trend Line) A graphic representation of trends in data series, such as a line sloping upward to represent increased sales over a period of months.

en A graphic representation of 趋势线(Trend Line) trends in data series, such as a line sloping upward to represent increased sales over a period of months.

Its mitigation goals are to reduce emissions by 趋势线(Trend Line) 30 per cent in 2020 in relation to the greenhouse gas emissions trendline and 50 per cent in 2050 as compared with emissions in 2000.

Simple solution to avoid sitting watching the screen for hours on end, plays an alert when your 趋势线(Trend Line) trendline is broken.

Trendlines are mostly used for making financial investment decisions and appear in bar, line, scatter, and bubble charts.

You can display trendlines for most 2D chart types, except stacked bar, column, area, and pie charts.

For those who know how to draw relevant levels of trends, ASI may be helpful tool which indicates the breakthrough of trendline.

The Alerter simply works on 1 or 2 trendlines and plays a sound file when the trendline has been broken so the only think you must do is name correctly the trendlines Image:

Trendlines are lines 趋势线(Trend Line) calculated and drawn to fit your data, according to the type of equation you prefer.

Click the Series tab at the top of the sidebar on the right. If 趋势线(Trend Line) you don't see a sidebar, or the sidebar doesn't have a Series tab, click in the toolbar . Click the disclosure triangle next to Trendlines, click the pop-up menu, then choose a type of trendline.

Regardless of the type of triangle, though, one thing should matter above all: by the time the b–d trendline is broken, we should look for trading in the opposite direction, placing a 趋势线(Trend Line) stop loss at the end of the e-wave.

Such a triangle is far more common than the horizontal type, and the expanding nature of the two trendlines 趋势线(Trend Line) is even more visible.

To change the appearance of a trendline, click the line so you see white dots at either end, and the Trendline controls appear in the sidebar.

To change the appearance of a trendline, click the line so you 趋势线(Trend Line) see white dots at either end, then in the Trendline pane of the Format 趋势线(Trend Line) inspector, use the controls in the Stroke and Shadow sections to make changes.

Click here for comment guidelines. Please rate trendline operator on all questions. The Comments section is intended for Investors to express their opinion on a certain Trader, so 趋势线(Trend Line) that the general ZuluTrade community can benefit from the testimony of their experience.

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(You can change the colors separately for the data points, line, and trendline, even though they represent the same data series.)

As with any other triangle, expanding or not, the key remains with the b–d trendline, as by the time this line is broken, the whole pattern is 趋势线(Trend Line) considered to be complete.

In the Series pane of the Format inspector , click the disclosure triangle next to Trendlines, then choose a type of trendline from the pop-up menu.

How to add a Trendline in Microsoft Excel worksheet

如何在 Microsoft Excel 中添加趋势线

One can easily determine the trend that еmergеs from the exіsting data by adding a Trendline to it. Microsoft 趋势线(Tr趋势线(Trend Line) end Line) Excel features this tool. As such, it can show predict the general pattern and the оverall direction of your data. Let us walk you through the steps to add a Trendline in Office Excel.

Add a Trendline in Excel worksheet

Trendline in Excel is a line that shows a general trend (upwards/downwards or increase/decline). Thus, it can help in a quick interpretation of the data. The trendline in Excel can be added to a variety of charts, including bar charts, line charts, scatter plots and more.

Let’s quickly get you through the process of-

  1. Creating a chart
  2. Adding a trendline
  3. Formatting a trendline
  4. Adding a moving average line.

Please note that the steps in this post apply to Office 2019/2016/2013 versions.

1] Creating a chart

Enter the data for which you want to create a chart.

Next, select the data and choose ‘Insert’ tab.

Scroll through the category of ‘Recommended Charts’ and click any chart to get a preview of the data (If you don’t see a chart you like, click All Charts to see all the available chart types).

2] 趋势线(Trend Line) Adding a trendline

How to add a Trendline in Microsoft Excel

After having created a chart, select it, and hit the ‘+’ 趋势线(Trend Line) icon visible adjacent to the chart.

add a Trendline in Microsoft Excel

Scroll down the list of options and select ‘Trendline’.

Click the side-arrow to view more options and choose the desired option.

Please note that Excel displays the Trendline option only when you select a chart that has more than one data series without selecting a data series.

3] Formatting a trendline

Again, press the ‘+’ sign, choose ‘Trendline’, scroll down and select ‘More options

When 趋势线(Trend Line) the Format pane becomes visible, select the trendline option in the dropdown list.

By default, Excel inserts a linear trendline. However, you can add other variations of your 趋势线(Trend Line) choice like,

  • Exponential
  • Linear
  • Logarithmic
  • Polynomial
  • Power
  • Moving Average

Set a value in the 趋势线(Trend Line) Forward and Backward fields to project your data into the future. Formatting a trendline is a statistical way to measure data.

4] Add a moving average line

If you feel like formatting your trendline to a moving average line, you can do so. For this,

Click anywhere in the chart.

Switch to the ‘Format’ tab, and under its ‘Current Selection’ group, select the trendline option in the drop-down list.

Next, click ‘Format Selection’ option.

Then, from the Format ‘Trendline‘ pane, under ‘Trendline Options‘, select Moving Average. Specify the points if necessary. (Kindly note that the number of points in a moving average trendline equals the total number of points in the series less the number that you specify for the period).

This way, you can add a trendline to an Excel chart and add more depth in its information.

趋势线(Trend Line)

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