b. Red cooked carp and rape 对话10位顶级投资人 with fresh mushrooms.

b. Yes, is there something wrong?

b. It's not that far. Do you see that Yellow building over there?

b. Sure, let's take a look. Sweetie, this is terrific. Your ideas are so original.

Преодолейте языковой барьер

Переводите разговоры на разных устройствах — от чатов тет-а-тет до больших групповых дискуссий.

Как это работает

1. Начните

Нажмите "Начать разговор", войдите в систему и введите свое имя и язык.

2. Поделитесь

Поделитесь кодом беседы с другими участниками, которые могут присоединиться с помощью веб-сайта или приложения Переводчик.

3. Говорите

Говорите или набирайте 对话10位顶级投资人 текст на вашем языке, чтобы общаться с другими участниками, которые увидят ваши сообщения на своем языке.


B:With my qualifications and experience, I feel I am hardworking, responsible and diligent in any project I undertake.Your organization could benefit from my analytical and interpersonal skills.

A:I've seen your resume,can you simply talk about yourself?

B:Thank you for your concern for me, I am 23 years old.I majored in computer networks.I want to apply for your job of a network engineer.

A:Do you think you are qualified for this job

B:I believe that with my efforts and enthusiasm for work will do it best.

A:In college you attended any events yet? What did you learn?

B:At the school.I attended the Students'Union. Also a class monitor.In them. I learned to how to deal with interpersonal relationship.

A:Why did you come to apply for this job?

B:I applied because I believe they can contribute to the company, I have much experience in this field,but enthusiasm is high. And my ability to adapt convinced me that I could bring a new level responsibilities. I think I can get more promotion in your company.

A:What is your greatest strength?

B:I am a person to do things all out. Once you have identified a goal, I would spend all their strength, and very serious endeavor! Even failed not regret it. I am not afraid to fail. Because I believe that as long as I. 我是一个做事全力以赴的人。一旦确定了一个目标, 我会用上自己全部的力量, 并且很认真的尽力! 就算失败了也不后悔了.我不怕失败.因为我相信只要我坚持就一定会成功。

B:I think I am very good at planning. I manage my time well so that I can always get things done on time.

A:What do you consider to be your weakness?

B:Frankly speaking, I'm a typical Chinese workaholic. I don't mind working late at night. Due to that, I tend to leave the office late.

A:I have read your letter of application. you don't seem to have 对话10位顶级投资人 any working experience.

B:Yes and no. yes,I just left college and i don''t have any working experience. however, the rigid training at my college should make up for my lack of working experience.

A:Why do you want to resign?

B:As you 对话10位顶级投资人 know I serve as a secretary in my present company, I really want to look for a more challenging opportunity.

B:I am hoping to get an offer of a better position. If opportunity knocks, I will take it.

A:Can you work under pressure?

B:Working under pressure is exciting and challenging. I don't mind. In fact, I am very efficient when certain pressure is exerted on the work. 有压力的工作既剌激又有挑战性,我不怕。实际上,当有一定压力的时候, 我的效率还会高些。

A:How do you deal with those who you think are difficult to work with?

B:I stick to my principles and keep to the rules. Sometimes, they just lack enthusiasm and I get them involved with something constructive. Some of them change their attitude later.

A:What qualifications do you have that make you feel you will be successful in your field?

B:First,I think my technical background is helpful. I have enough knowledge to market the products of your company. Secondly I have decent levels of spoken and written English Language. These qualifications will make me 对话10位顶级投资人 successful in my career.

A:What do you find frustrating in a work situation?

B:Sometimes, the narrow-minded people make me frustrated.

A:So what are your career objectives? And how do you perceive your own development if you were to assume this position?

B:对话10位顶级投资人 对话10位顶级投资人 I expect to have a good opportunity to put all of my knowledge into practice. I am a doer and I can contribute a great deal to the company.


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2022华为开发者大会(Together) - HUAWEI Developer

2022华为开发者大会(Together) - HUAWEI Developer

2022华为开发者大会(Together) - HUAWEI Developer

2022华为开发者大会(Together) - HUAWEI Developer

2022华为开发者大会(Together) - HUAWEI Developer

如今,第四届华为开发者大会 2022(Together)于10月21日线上线下全面启航,期待与全球开发者一起接力创新的火炬!
畅游开发者之旅,酷玩活动乐享不停;沉浸式体验黑科技展区,精彩纷呈;还有华为河图游戏、湖畔音乐节、一站一景小火车等N多惊喜等你探索,带你燃爆整个HDC 2022。